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With a vision of enhancing urban ecology and promoting green living spaces for a better life, Vertical Gardens or Green Walls has turned out to be a vital architectural trend which most of the smart cities are adapting these days. It brings visual delight to city-dwellers as well as offers multiple environmental benefits.


Biowall Panels

Biovertical  systems are designed to be used in outdoor or indoor spaces, in any climate. Plants are pre-grown into the panels.

Drip Irrigation

This method saves water and fertilizer by allowing water to drip slowly directly to the roots of plants.

Engineered Soil

The vertical garden plantation is done using an engineered mixture of various light weight materials like coco-pit etc.

Exotic Plants

We provide the largest range of exotic plants which are successful and provide a thick foliage in the vertical garden and green wall panels.


Work Portfolio

Here are pictures of our selected works relating to vertical gardens in and around Delhi NCR


  • vertical-garden-vasant-vihar-delhi-india

    Vertical garden Outdoor Vasant Vihar , New Delhi

    This is a vertical garden we installed for Mr. Rishi Khandelwal in Vasant Vihar New Delhi. This is a Balcony project and has an are of ar

  • vertical-garden-delhi-NCR-India-biowall-greenwall (6)

    Greenwall vertical green Panchsheel, New Delhi.

    Project for Virtue Interiors along with a Buddha statue.

  • vertical-garden-delhi-NCR-India-biowall-greenwall (7)

    Vertical Garden Greenwall Dfence Colony,New Delhi.

    This is an Interior project that we did in Defence Colony for Mr. Manasvi Bhartiya.

  • vertical-garden-delhi-NCR-India-biowall-greenwall (2)

    Biowall Vertical Garden Gurgaon, Haryana.

    .Exterior project in Gurgaon Phase 4

  • ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Vertical Garden in Civil Lines, New Delhi.

    Beautifully done with a branched tree structure.

  • vertical-garden-delhi-NCR-India-biowall-greenwall (5)

    Vertical Garden In Noida,UP

    Lovely vertical garden on terrace.

  • vertical-garden-delhi-NCR-India-biowall-greenwall (2)

    Vertical agrden in Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi.

    Adorable vertical green wall, bio wall done in various colors.

  • vertical-garden-delhi-NCR-India-biowall-greenwall (3)

    Vertical Garden Rajouri Garden,New Delhi.

    Outdoor Project along side a nice lawn.

About Us

We are a unit of Four Leaf Landscape Pvt Ltd. We specialize in Providing Vertical Garden,bio wall, green wall and living wall solution services in Delhi NCR and in INDIA. We strive to provide best vertical garden solutions in INDIA.

Our Vision

As a premium green wall and vertical garden company in INDIA we always Use the best materials and continually enhance our offerings. We Hire the best team and develop new leaders through mentoring and training of vertical garden company Delhi India. We strive to provide the best service and continually look for opportunities to improve. Our vision is to become the best vertical garden company and green wall company in INDIA.

Our History

We are a young teal of Engineers, Architects and Horticulturists. We started off our venture into green wall construction in 2012 . We have completed more than 100 big and small projects since then. We have executed commercial and residential projects alike. Our emphasis is primarily on time project completions and client satisfaction. As a Premium Vertical garden construction company and landscapers we wish to stay ahead technologically.

Our Values

In today's world time is everything we wish to provide the best possible designs, works and Vertical gardens at best possible prices and within set time limits. In our short time span as a vertical garden company we had the chance to work with many great landscape architects and big building firms. Our vision is to provide the best landscape vertical garden and green wall construction solutions with maximum client satisfaction



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Fog Systems

Steps to Build a Green wall

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Our Blog on Vertical Gardens

Welcome to the world of vertical gardens,green walls and Biowalls.


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